Bathroom Shower Mixer Valve Thermostatic Mixing Controller Bar

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valve shower valve shower mixer valve shower diverter valve mixing valve shower bar thermostatic shower valve shower control valve shower controls thermostatic valve
Bathroom Shower Mixer Valve Thermostatic Mixing Controller Bar

$145.97 $89.97
You Save $56.00

Bathroom Shower Mixer Valve Thermostatic Mixing Controller Bar

Do you want accurate control of both water flow and temperature in your bathroom?

Want a relaxing shower experience after a tiring day?

Improve your shower with the Bathroom Shower Mixer Valve Thermostatic Mixing Controller Bar, an outstanding bathroom fixture when it comes to enjoying the best showering experience!

Introducing our thermostatic shower valve for your water temperature, with the newest innovated technology to upgrade and modernize your bathroom. One of the most reliable types of shower set-up, the shower mixer valve provides precise control over both temperature and flow. This shower control valve controls how the hot and cold water supplies mix. The thermostatic valve adjusts according to the heat of the water itself, helping to maintain a steady temperature.

Shower valves can take care of your health as it can trigger serious falls, particularly in older or physically challenged people. And, because children have thinner skin than adults, they are especially vulnerable to scald burns from hot water. The way to eliminate those temperature shifts is to install this incredible mixing valve. Shower controls are designed to make a statement, and our shower diverter valve is key to the look. This shower bar is easy to fit and manufactured in a brass body for durability.

Maintain water temperature at a safe level, despite fluctuations in water supply lines with this handy shower mixer valve. Plus, with an anti-scald safety feature, they bring added peace of mind for families with young children or elderly relatives so this thermostatic shower valve is a great gift to any homeowners!

Make your shower easier providing you with better temperature control that makes you not want to get out using our Bathroom Shower Mixer Valve Thermostatic Mixing Controller Bar!

Longstanding Flexibility – Built on the common valve system, allowing you to update the faucet style in the future without replacing any plumbing.
Easy to Install – Changing the look of your bathroom has never been faster and easier thanks to the thermostatic shower valve. This mixing valve allows you to upgrade the trim style or swap out finishes on your fixtures without replacing the valves. So once the system is in place, you can change your decor as often as you want at any point in time.
Practical And Excellent Materials – Manufactured in a brass body, this is easy to use, easy to grip flow and control temperature. In a very short period of time, this shower bar will automatically balance the cold and hot water pressure to maintain water temperature stable.
Ultimate Shower Valve –  Enjoy taking a refreshing shower more than ever before with this shower mixer valve. The ideal thermostatic valve for every kind of user, from children to seniors. The contemporary design and extended range of products mean there’s a perfect solution for every bathroom and every situation.

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valve shower valve shower mixer valve shower diverter valve mixing valve shower bar thermostatic shower valve shower control valve shower controls thermostatic valve valve shower valve shower mixer valve shower diverter valve mixing valve shower bar thermostatic shower valve shower control valve shower controls thermostatic valve valve shower valve shower mixer valve shower diverter valve mixing valve shower bar thermostatic shower valve shower control valve shower controls thermostatic valve

Package Includes: 1x Bathroom Shower Mixer Valve Thermostatic Mixing Controller Bar


Longstanding Flexibility, Easy to Install, Practical And Excellent Materials, Ultimate Shower Valve

Valve Core Material


Surface Treatment


Surface Finishing

Stainless Steel


201-300mm (7.91×11.81")



61 reviews for Bathroom Shower Mixer Valve Thermostatic Mixing Controller Bar

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  1. Verile

    Excellent mixer

  2. Meade

    Mixer for a short time stuck in the post office in US. Then he quickly reached me. Delivery took a month. Today installed. I had to swap landing sockets for the shower/tap with the help of a hexagon, because. Cold water on my right. In principle, the functions are performed. The temperature of the water with the usual mixer jumped terribly, i had to twist the taps every 5 minutes, and now everything is fine. But if the switch is water, and then turn it on again, then it feels different temperature. And out of the box at mark 38 gives a little more than 40 degrees, it is necessary to adjust this written in the instructions. In general, i am happy and recommend the mixer and the Skuvio.

  3. Rodge

    The order took a month to mo. The mixer is good. Immediately installed, there were no problems. Exits changed places with the help of a hexagon. The spout set from the old mixer, only had to replace the oil seals thicker on the fitting of the spout. Works so far properly. The mixer itself looks great, without flaws. The Skuvio put the fum tape. I recommend the product and the Skuvio!

  4. Trace

    With the appearance of everything ok, packed well, we will test)

  5. Koo

    Before syktyvkar a month. Everything is well heavy, i will put off)

  6. Koralle

    Got pretty fast. Came packed in a box, on top of one layer of “pupyrki”. Whole without damage. Not yet connected. The description corresponds. Thanks to the Skuvio.

  7. Bernita

    Thought under gusak will be from below. Now we have to look for another

  8. Tim

    Installed in 15 minutes. Upper and lower bushings easily change places. Threads are standard, small under the shower, large under the gusak. I had to put an extra rubber ring on the rotary mechanism of gusak. And so, all okay))
    On the left handle of the water switching three positions, mid-off, counter-clockwise down-gusak, clockwise up-shower.
    With the difference copes well.
    We do not have hard water, but a lot of salt. Let’s see how much stable the thermostat is enough.
    For this price is an excellent option. Prices are too high in construction stores.
    Later sign if there are problems)

  9. Tymon

    Works! Hurray! Finally taking a shower turned into taking a shower, not torching cranes and setting up water!

    Under gusak incomprehensible size, 20mm. In stores everywhere, gusaki under 18, but nothing, additional seals from the old crane-booths compensated for this gap)

  10. Nela

    The mixer looks good. the delivery is fast packed well. the Skuvio even fumlentu put it. not yet installed. i will write off

  11. Armando

    Came quickly, included also fum-tape, gaskets, adapters

  12. Joleen

    Thank you! Delivery to vladivostok 35 days. Tracked all the time. The packaging is good, the box is almost not wrinkled. In the kit even a fum tape. Everything is neat, clean, shiny, did not notice scratches. Blew through the input of hot water, twisted the flow control. Switches from one exit to another, overlaps in the middle. I think it’s okay. Not yet connected. Then i will make an additional feedback on the work

  13. Audrye

    Heavy, made neatly, on the shelves of shops in this money one trash. The temperature holds, you can adjust to yourself, quite convenient.

  14. Margaux

    Hot water on the right is the perfect solution.
    Excellent mixer with thermostat.
    Works. I have a reverse connection (hot water on the right), turned the handles, looks like it should be. The installation took 20 minutes.
    1 problem-the inside diameter of the letters under the spout is 20mm. and in russia the standard is 18mm.

  15. Herculie

    Very long walked to kirov. 1.5 months. The screw at the adjustment of the head was not tightened, the twister hung

  16. Doralia

    A good shower faucet, there are two outlets under the shower rack and under the flexible shower, if you want to use under the gusak then you will have to finish the adapter or gusak flexible put.

  17. Tamas

    Finished in 3 weeks, but the track was not tracked. It’s okay. I had to turn, because i have hot water on my right. To connect the lower spout, i had to pick up gum thicker. Upstairs it was possible to immediately screw the hose for watering can. But i decided through the coupling to twist the tee from the old mixer.
    Video review on youtube channel hobbipro.

  18. Cassie

    Arrived quickly enough in s-pb, packed normally, the russian post could not break =)
    Did not install. So far i have not figured out whether it is possible to swap handles, if i can not think of something with the eyeliner or turn over the mixer.

  19. Rochelle

    Great faucet. I recommend. Fixing the positions is closed, the spout, the shower is excellent. Even more expensive cranes fix the positions bad. If you take in the city in the store less than 6tr can not find, and the quality will suck.

  20. Tudor

    All right, we have to install it

  21. Newton

    Mixer come for 1,5 months
    The quality is excellent. Immediately installed.
    The water temperature keeps exactly. (for example, i ordered a similar one earlier-there had to adjust the temperature itself, because. It was 45 degrees on the range 38)
    A set of eccentrics and decorative covers on them. The Skuvio put the reel of the fum tape as a gift. Thank you.
    By the way, the decorative covers were wrinkled slightly-this is a lack of mail.

  22. Milt

    Became and works normally, changed places crane and rain. Temperature keeps

  23. Steward

    Great mixer! Flour ran out of the desired temperature. The mixer had to be turned over, but this does not prevent them from using it fully. Gusak only need to put straight, or in the handles rests. Sometimes there are pulsations, but now do not appear. Maybe the modes came in when it was heated. A little noisy all the same. The charter took minutes 3: unscrewed the old one, screwed the new one 🙂

  24. Ethelyn

    All as in the description. Delivery is fast. The package is more than complete. Thank you to the Skuvio. How will the time show work.

  25. Stacee

    The crane came very quickly, nice trifle-fumlenta in the kit! The faucet is packed in a cloth bag, everything is not cheap. As i understood the fitting for the gander and the shower hose can be changed places, but in my chumadanchik was not a suitable hexagon! I put my feet in the first time i will check it so! While we repair, we will suffer! The water immediately flows a little hot, but after a second it becomes tolerant. A nice chip is a button without pressing which it is not possible to get water hot 38 degrees, type of protection against burns! On entering the faucet is a mesh, but complete are gaskets with another mesh… Let’s see how much the tap with our water… If it lasts six months, i will order more parents

  26. Octavia

    Mixer received. The mixer itself is chrome. Handles plastic. The quality of the mixer is fully working out its money. Thermostat temperature keeps well, no temperature surges. Of the minuses.
    Native adapters for installation on a wall with a very short thread. Or leave the old ones. Or take in the store more authentic, otherwise it will miss water. In the place of fixing the shower, the husband put 2 gaskets one on the other again because of the short thread of the adapter. Gusak better pick up together with
    Adapter, it’s removed there. Since not all cranes are suitable. Pay attention to this. At us firm am pm did not fit, bought another. In general, the crane for the first impressions is good. For their money it is definitely worth taking.

  27. Georges

    Mixer super! A little manipulation and everything is ready! Complete mixer, gaskets with filter, decor aprons; gusak and sulayku will have to buy separately! Important: do not confuse cold and hot water!!! Otherwise it will not work!!!

  28. Zebedee

    To moscow 20 days, all the way is tracked. Until i checked.

  29. Dana

    The Skuvio is sociable, quickly sent the goods. The box came intact, but in appearance like everything. The mixer is packed in a fabric bag. There are fumlants, gaskets with a grid. The mixer itself looks very small, the photo is much more. After installation, i will write in addition.

  30. Wendeline

    Not yet installed.
    Up to SPB reached in 4 weeks, in the box, a little wrinkled but not intact.

  31. Alfredo

    Externally looks good and weight 1.3 kg. Not yet installed, because. It is necessary to change places of exits under Gusak and watering can (hexagon is needed). Included instructions, gaskets, reflectors, eccentrics (eccentrics are similar from silumin they are better not to use)

  32. Kary

    Item sold as described. Thumb up.

  33. Michail

    Good quality mixer, everything works. In the kit there is everything you need for installation. Temperature keeps excellent

  34. Gwennie

    The faucet is good. Now only with the thermoregulator I will take. Minus the star behind the unsuitable under the Gusak from Leroy fastening on the crane. Reached Rostov-on-Don for 2 weeks. Price 2200. Credit.

  35. Isador

    All OK

  36. Jayme

    The faucet installed, works well, the water adjusts normally, exchangeable: turned on all taps cold water and drained the water in the toilet and at the same time the water was slightly hot for a few seconds and then adjusted to the set temperature. I also had to rearrange the exits to the Husak and shower hose, nothing complicated if there is a hexagon. I recommend to buy.

  37. Stephenie

    The mixer is good, it works fine, now it’s much more convenient to use the bathroom!

  38. Griffin

    On the quality of claims there, they say that noisy, for this money I think that there is no) the standard spout from the store flows, it is necessary to change the rubber bands to the ceiling, it is necessary to connect strictly as noted, otherwise it will not work, immediately you can change the pipes with a hexagon.

  39. Sheena

    In appearance, everything is well done!!! In the case has not yet checked

  40. Gabey

    The goods are received. Looks solid. I haven’t tried the case yet.

  41. Ludwig

    Got it fast. Tested, everything is fine. Since I have hot water from the right, I will have to attach it folded. Nadeyus for the first test will be fine.

  42. Netti

    Everything is fine!!! I’ll sign it off, I’ll check it out… it was 24 days before Peter.

  43. Jefferson

    A good good mixer, the function performs, 1-2 seconds adjusts the temperature when turned on, the holes changed places with the help of hexagon for 6 and 8. all came up.

  44. Corina

    Delivery two weeks to Chelyabinsk, everything is fine.

  45. Kim

    Works)) finally solved all problems with the shower. I have very much cooled water in the pipes between uses, in connection with which there are two points: 1) a few seconds the water still adjusts and the temperature floats, but not particularly noticeable, slightly. 2) if before to get 500 ml of warm water I had to open hot and drain the first 250 ml of cold, then now I do not twist anything, drain 500 ml of cold and get 500 ml of cool. There, the expense increased.
    In the kit there are no hexagon to swap the top and bottom, and you need 2 sizes. One was at home, instead of the second had to be twisted by improvised means. Gusak mine did not come up, I had to buy in Leroy for 400R., but the design also did not particularly fit (The photo shows the Gusak and the entrance, when combined leaks), I had to put the usual gasket, because of which the Gusak is not screwed to the end.
    But still, after so many years of suffering with mixers and temperature, it’s just a song!! Definitely recommend.

  46. Dynah

    The goods received in kind everything is fine, on the weekend I will add

  47. Cathee

    The crane is good, the Mail managed to guess a little.

  48. Secunda

    Good goods, everything is fine. The mixer turned over, changed the handles, ASE is simple and convenient. With excess generation.

  49. Mattheus

    The faucet is convenient. Made colder than 38. Works fine. Sometimes it can become a little hotter, but it does not burn.

  50. Angelo

    The mixer works fine. Spout (Gusak) 3/4 “does not fit-the diameter of the seal is different, flows at the connection point. Had to leave the shower switch (divertor)

  51. Maddy

    40 days to Omsk put everything super works private house just great

  52. Karilynn

    Quickly delivered. Immediately installed on eccentric from the previous mixer, from him put watering can and Gusak. Works perfectly for a month.

  53. Luci

    It came quickly, in 2 weeks. Packed in a puffy. Everything works.

  54. Kincaid

    The Crane put everything on fensha works! Delivery to the Moscow region 20 days! I did not have to redo anything! the order is satisfied! Included filter, adapters, FUM tape!

  55. Mark

    Looks good enough. Handles are plastic, the mixer itself and the nuts are metal. Had to change the exits
    Under the spout and shower places, you need hexagon for 8 and 10. the diameter of the spout is 20 instead of our 18,5mm, so you need to pick up rubber rings in the store. It came quickly, packing norms. In work 10 days-without comments.

  56. Lizabeth

    good product, good Skuvio, thank you very much !!!

  57. Bishop

    Shipping about 3 weeks. Packed well. The complete set is exhaustive. The workmanship is good. The temperature maintains well, but there is a slight delay. For your money-a great option. I recommend.

  58. Davy

    Crane came quickly. Put everything works. Seller Thank you very much

  59. Douglass

    The goods did not come, to sympathy, the Skuvio asked to wait 7 days, later accepted the dispute and returned the money. Sorry for the lost time, but I think this is the fault of the transport company.

  60. Marcos

    Works great!!!

  61. Rollo

    Delivery is slightly less than a month. Quality is not bad. 1/2 and 3/4 changed places. Gusak from the old mixer did not fit. I had to go to the store with a mixer, pick up, TK is not suitable for everyone. Plus put extra rubber ring.
    Maybe it makes sense to overpay and look with a complete goose

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