Best Dual Head Drawing Coloring Art Color Brush Pens Colored Markers

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Best Dual Head Drawing Coloring Art Color Brush Pens Colored Markers

$271.97 $159.97
You Save $112.00

Best Dual Head Drawing Coloring Art Color Brush Pens Colored Markers

Are you looking for a new relaxing hobby?

Do you want multi-purpose coloring materials that can help you relieve yourself from boredom?

Draw and color with this Best Dual Head Drawing Coloring Art Color Brush Pens Colored Markers!

Colouring is one of the most relaxing hobbies anyone can do. No matter how amateur your skills may be, these color pens will help you in enhancing and developing your coloring and drawing skills. You can use these best drawing pens whenever you want to make a DIY project to be given to your best friends or loved ones who are feeling stressed and sad. If you are suffering from some emotional stress, this brush tip markers will help you ease the stress and renew your energy by making helping you write, draw and color your emotions on a piece of a blank sheet.

You can draw your favorite anime or cartoon characters effectively with these color markers. The effectivity of the colors of our brush markers is of high quality. Getting the desired color of your preference is very easy to achieve with these art materials. The more you use these marker drawings, the more you’ll get better in your art. Since this best pen is created to mix well with your great skills, you can now become an artist that every artist will look up to.

If school is too boring for you, this brush pen will help you excel in the subject of your art and maybe regain your energy for other subjects in your school. Our markers are great companions in an outdoor open-art competition and because of the uniqueness of your artwork colored by these art supplies, you can be the grand winner, no doubt.

You will never find it difficult to find the color you are looking for in this art supplies since it is written in the butt of every pen. The tip of this best pen is not split which makes it durable and effective.

If you are looking for a gift for your friends or loved ones who happen to be an artist just like you, this marker drawings will make them happy and more than satisfied.

Make the best artwork in your school or competition with the help of this Best Dual Head Drawing Coloring Art Color Brush Pens Colored Markers!

Dual Purpose
– You can use these color pens as coloring, writing or drawing materials.
Portable – You can bring these color markers anywhere you go since it comes with a container that allows you to store it effectively and easily.
Convenient – Instead of using a pencil in drawing your favorite manga characters, this best pen allows you to draw and color them without using different materials.
Double Head Design – The double head design of this brush pen allows you to interchangeably use a different approach of thickness and thinness in your art.

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Best Cool Windproof USB Flameless Electric Cigarette Lighter Wand 5 pens art supplies markers brush pen best pen marker drawings art materials brush markers color markers brush tip markers best drawing pens color pens pens art supplies markers brush pen best pen marker drawings art materials brush markers color markers brush tip markers best drawing pens color pens

Package Includes: 1x Best Dual Head Drawing Coloring Art Color Brush Pens Colored Markers Set


Dual Purpose, Portable, Convenient, Double Head Design


Alcohol Markers



Body Color








61 reviews for Best Dual Head Drawing Coloring Art Color Brush Pens Colored Markers

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  1. LeeAnn

    Ah! It’s so cool! I thought it would be worse. There was a little smell when i opened the transport bag. But he left quickly. I ordered on friday, and on tuesday the courier directly brought me to work. 3 working days, it turned out from the day of order to delivery. I will draw now a lot and with joy: 3 you can trace in my instagram drawings with these markers, i will lay out @ pollygies

  2. Anstice

    Ordered 29.06.19, and received home delivery by courier 03.07.19!!! Super fast shipping. This is the first time. Thank you very much Skuvio. by the way, the Skuvio is very sociable! Order sent quickly! Answered all my questions quickly. I recommend! Felt pens class. The child is happy.

  3. Freda

    The order is made 29.05. Received in smolensk at the post of the russian federation 07.06. The investment is correct. Markers of excellent quality. As a gift 6 items as stated. Description and photos correspond to the declared. Purchase satisfied. I recommend the Skuvio and the product.

  4. Daffy

    Delivery 2 weeks to ukraine, as a gift 3 pens and 2 black markers.

  5. Zoe

    Markers are great, all are wet and well rysują. Thank you for gratiss

  6. Harriott

    THE product came very well packed and faster than I expected. Arrived in 20 days. THE shopkeeper was really helpful when had doubts about the product delivery and the route. The colors are very beautiful and I enjoyed the distribution of tone (bought the set Animation). Gifts are beautiful! Loved, thanks! 🙂

  7. Fernande

    I long dreamed of markers, and here, they are mine!! To the lower profit exactly a month from
    24.06 to 24.07. I do not know how on the marker, but on the usual printer paper, the thin tip unfolds. And thanks for the gifts

  8. Carmelita

    Not bad markers. Delivered safely, but opening the cover, found a leaking marker. It did not get dirty and remained suitable for use. On thin paper the colors lie not very well and are printed on another sheet, so you have to put the sheet denser. If you take more dense sheets, i think it will be better. Several markers are dry, but in general an excellent set.

  9. Aristotle

    the colors are so amazing i was so surprised because they are so juicy and vibrant!! very fast delivery and the Skuvio is very nice and polite and informed me when he shipped my markers 🙂 i ordered 108 but got a swatch paper with only 80 slots so im including the rest of the marker swatches in next photo. sadly, GG7 broad nib came dried out :'( but its okay because when i put it the broad side down the ink fled back and its working now! great amazing gorgeous markers!! and i got gifts too love them and tysm Skuvio

  10. Dwane

    Markers took my daughter on the dr, so i looked only externally: everything is as stated. Delivery 3 days (from russia) by courier.

  11. Bernard

    Thanks to the Skuvio for the fast shipping of the goods! I ordered 26.07, i received 13.08 at the post office! Everything corresponds to the description, it’s very nice that there are gifts!

  12. Voltaire

    Ordered 13.07.19, received in chelyabinsk on 10.08.19. Markers are excellent. And gifts are))).

  13. Kimmi

    The goods came in whole and unharmed) was not delayed for a short time, about 2 days. The colors are bright and juicy, all the gifts are laid out. I put “5”!

  14. Cain

    THE request was posted at the beginning, 09/08 and arrived in 26/08, arrived much faster than I was expecting! Pens come all working. Two leaked a little side thin tip, (123 and 122), the two fluorescent not know if has any relationship but cleaned and so far not leaked more. Found that the 145 came with a different shade indicated in example photo, think it fits better in example of 146, but as was the first bought and I didnt she had no problems. Otherwise, I loved all the product. THE Skuvio proved very attentive sending fast and mainly by gifts, also loved them all! Came all very well packed and safe! New buy for sure!

  15. Selina

    Small, funny, write. Two pens and felt tip pen are apparently a gift. While everything is ok, and there’s time to show

  16. Delores

    Chose delivery from russia, brought by courier on the second day after placing the order. Thank you very much! Now i will check not dried.

  17. Joyce

    Everything is super, it came 10 days before murmansk! Thank you for the gifts! Delivered the courier home!

  18. Ambrosius

    Very happy with my purchase, i ordered 40 colors as you can see in the picture, all accurate. I arrive with your case and some gift pens thank you very much! Soon i will make some drawing with the colors ~

  19. Ailey

    The Package came within 3 days in Брянск, courier at home! Oskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskoskosk Фломики all write. All 80

  20. Hamnet

    Super, come with the bolsito to save the gift pens along with 3 rotrins one pint white and 2 of different black thickness sizes (both finite), they paint all very well even gift ones, a 10 for the Skuvio

  21. Penny

    I liked everything for a month

  22. Muhammad

    Cool markers i advise you to buy, all the markers came in a normal state and there is no miracle of dried 🙂 very glad to order!

  23. Penny

    Everything came just in a week. 60 colors, barnaul. There are gifts and a finished label for the palette ~

  24. Pryce

    Felt-tip pens are fresh, bright, filled well, the package is saved, the colors match. with the delivery came a joint-in the delivery service confused the parcels, and this was a gift for a certain date, unfortunately the gift was late. But still we are happy with the purchase! Thank you we will order more!

  25. Vanda

    Shipping 5 days!! Moscow. All super baby is happy. Brought home courier service

  26. Celestia

    Definitely a recommended producer. Marriage is not revealed. Surprised fast delivery-13 days. Usually at least 30 to 40 days. For the present special thanks. The child is happy

  27. Gabey

    None of the markers was dried up, colors are nice but those colors on the package don’t match the color of the ink in most of the time. I was a little bit sad that the Totoro had a intact ear, but that’s okay…shipping about three weeks

  28. Inci

    Thank you very much! Ordered from US, came quickly. With gifts 🙂 I recommend! With the Skuvio did not communicate, it was not necessary.

  29. Anastasie

    Wonderful felt-tip pens, bright, I’ll try everything and finish the review, put a bunch of gifts, the daughter will be happy with the gift

  30. Carlotta

    The Skuvio sent the order not immediately. I had to ask for an extension of the protection period of the order. Felt-tip pens are OK, everyone draws well. The Skuvio is sociable, responds to messages quickly, only for this five stars give.

  31. Melita

    All markers are very good, without podtecs. Delivered quickly, as promised (I made an order from the Russian Federation) in general, I’m happy, I advise the Skuvio, I will now draw them) in the set, as it was stated-there were gifts very nice)))

  32. Carmelita

    Wonderful markers! Not dry, bright and rich colors! The Skuvio put a few more gel pens. The child is happy, we order more shades

  33. Hilda

    The package came quickly, a beautiful pouch, a cool gift! Thank you!

  34. Orion

    Felt-tip pens chic!!! Everyone writes. The palette of colors is very diverse: there are bright, there are pastel colors. All colors are pleasant! They write perfectly. Full delight!! Delivered very quickly. Thank you for the gift-pens and linners are wonderful!!!

  35. Zorana

    The parcel was received with home delivery for a week. Markers are happy. The child pinned right into the case

  36. Hiram

    Delivery in Russia, came to Omsk in 5 days. Thank you. The child is delighted. All Write, two leak, but not critical.

  37. Rourke

    Shipping fast! I did not communicate with the Skuvio. Markers all write (got two identical). The daughter is very happy!

  38. Sherlocke

    It came quickly on work in Moscow in two days received. it is possible to take.

  39. Daren

    Delivery by fast courier.

  40. Dasi

    The product is completely satisfied, all the markers write, no one is pierced, the bag is comuflage, I liked it. With the Skuvio did not communicate, but sent the goods quickly. Together with markers was a gift (three cute black pens (P.S. One gave to a friend), two black markers/liner, a pen with white ink). It took less than a month to Chelyabinsk, the track was not tracked.

  41. Shantee

    The goods to Stavropol came a little more than a week, delivered home by courier.
    Markers came in a case, put a sheet for painting (50 cells), and four additional items, which is very nice.
    I ordered as a gift so alas did not check, but I will definitely order myself.
    Very satisfied

  42. Rocky

    I ordered 23.10 and already 27.10 courier brought home .. Order from the Russian Federation in a set of 30 PCs .. sent 33 Thanks for the gift ..
    Quality Check can not ordered as a gift .. One checked.. Like they write by the way they are two-sided)) .. I advise everyone. Purchase for 935 rubles.

  43. Mickey

    Everything is super! The daughter is happy and this is the main thing. Delivery to Lipetsk 8 days. Seller thanks and deserved five stars.

  44. Melita

    Delivery just surprised. 2 days. Felt-tip pens Super daughter liked.

  45. Teddy

    Very satisfied and product and delivery! Delivered by courier at a convenient time for me. Thanks to the Skuvio for the gifts! Colors all match, although some shades are slightly different from the samples on the lid, but not critical. The daughter is delighted! We will definitely order more.

  46. Valenka

    Markers are wonderful! Everything corresponds to the description + promised gifts. Ordered 23.10 received already 30.10 and that the most amazing, the order delivered the courier directly home (this was nowhere specified). Unexpectedly and pleasantly. Satisfied with the order for all 100%

  47. Cappella

    Came quick in a good shapeand quality is good as well, got all gifts, i loved it. So this is an older version markers there are 4 (touchfive, toucknew, touchnew brush nib, touchnew t7) for the price they are good.
    – They are square so they dont roll of the table
    -They are quite big but i do enjoy holding them its comfortable
    -Colors blend very good
    -Lids dont match the true color so i recommend swatching on paper before using them
    -The ends of the marker dont stack on each other
    -Some colors are very similar
    -They do use quite a lot of ink so if you stack colors you’ll need thicker paper
    If you dont care about those then they are really good for the price to play around , if you are bothered i recommend the newer version Touchnew t7 or touchnew

  48. Keenan

    Markers of norms, only through paper are printed and slightly on the contour spread. And so the goods came quickly 16.10 ordered, 01.11. Received at the Post Office

  49. Ivette

    Very fast delivery and colors pleased those who wanted)

  50. Lyndon

    I ordered it for my daughter. Markers are very good, only one caught a little dry, but still writes (124). The Skuvio put the gifts, 3 black gels. Handles, 1 White and marker black double-sided (on one side capillary handle on the other slim marker). Set student 60 colors. Delivery to Tyumen is fast, a little more than a week, ordered from Russia. I advise the Skuvio to change the delivery service. The Courier called on Friday and said that in an hour he would come, it was the day, I was at work. Asked to postpone either time or date. And they said to me, “then eat yourself in the office.” I had to go to the other end of the city, the office in an incomprehensible building, looked for 30 minutes. Therefore, for delivery I put one star

  51. Ulick

    The parcel came very quickly, perfectly packed and the content fully corresponds to the description)) already tried, the quality is very satisfied, thank you very much to the Skuvio))

  52. Phillie

    Fast delivery, good quality and gifts.

  53. Jilli

    All right. Ordered 27.10 dotarło 12.11.Zgodne description. Daughter satisfied

  54. Selma

    I am so happy I made this purchase, this is my first time having alcohol-based markers and they are fantastic. totally worth the money :))

  55. Ronalda

    Very cool. It came quickly in 3 weeks. 30 markers, 2 markers and 1 white marker.

  56. Marcellus

    Good quality, fast delivery only 15 days.

  57. Andriette

    i really liked it fast delivery and awesome quality im in love i recommend it for sure and specially if you’re interior designer

  58. Waverley

    Good double-sided markers for creative people. My daughter paints in sketchbooks. They write juicy. As a gift marker and 4 pens., very nice. I recommend the Skuvio and the goods.

  59. Artie

    Fast shipping, quality is really good. Good replacement to pro markers

  60. Janessa

    Everything came intact, a little with delivery there were problems .. But in time.

  61. Donnie

    The child is happy, with the flowers did not please a little, ordered more!) sent quickly, reached without damage)

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