Best Sleep Mask Portable Eye Cover Sleeping Blindfold Men Women

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Best Sleep Mask Portable Eye Cover Sleeping Blindfold Men Women

Best Sleep Mask Portable Eye Cover Sleeping Blindfold Men Women

Looking for a perfect travel companion?

Are you bothered by the brightness of your bedroom’s light when sleeping?

This Best Sleep Mask Portable Eye Cover Sleeping Blindfold Men Women is the perfect solution!

Light is the enemy of sleep, so this best eye mask for sleeping helps you find total darkness wherever you sleep. This sleeping blindfold is a natural way to fall asleep fast and stay asleep. Sleep undoubtedly plays an important role in the health of your body as well as your emotional health. Good sleep is a vital component of overall health and well-being and this best sleep mask is the perfect way to ensure that you can fall asleep faster – wherever and whenever you want.

Our eye cover for sleep is designed to help you relax and can help relieve the feeling of tiredness and pressure after having a long day at work or after a long journey. This eye mask sleep is built sturdier than other masks because we wanted to be sure they stay in place (without moving off while you sleep) to sufficiently block out light. If you suffer from migraines, headaches or puffy eyes, these women and men’s sleep mask is the one you should choose.

This 3D adults and kid’s eye mask integrates built-in air vents and 100% light-block capability, designed according to the contours of your eyes and nose with an ergonomic design for complete comfort, allowing oxygen in. This cute sleep mask is definitely the perfect traveling companion that can be used at home or while traveling. When you cannot control a light source and want to catch some sleep, you should consider this best sleep mask. They help block out light and allow you to get the sleep that your body needs. The perfect gift to anyone especially to those who are always on travel.

If you’d like to block light such as the sun’s rays or even that glow from the flat-screen TV, this Best Sleep Mask Portable Eye Cover Sleeping Blindfold Men Women is the answer!

Comfortable and Easy to Adjust – Our eye mask is made of high-quality materials that are lightweight and thin enough to feel comfortable when sleeping. Masks should also be flexible, soft and breathable to help you stay cool while sleeping. This best sleep mask is designed with the exact properties in mind. They fit perfectly and do not leave marks on your face.
Reliable – If you are finding it hard to catch some sleep, these sleeping eye masks are a great way to help ease you into sleep. The unique, contoured design can assure you of uninterrupted sleep by blocking distractions that might shift your thoughts to other things. Our masks completely cover your eyes and comfortably block the light.
Sleep Better – Covering your eyes and creating darkness when you want to catch some sleep will help you fall asleep faster. Traveling on a long journey will require you to catch some sleep to reduce pressure and rejuvenate your mind. When you need to take a nap, a sleeping mask helps you to disassociate with things around you and fully experience the tranquility of sleep.

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Package Includes: 1x Best Sleep Mask Portable Eye Cover Sleeping Blindfold Men Women


Comfortable and Easy to Adjust, Reliable, Sleep Better

Eyeshade Type

3D Eyeshade


Polyester, Sponge


23cm (9.06")


9cm (3.54")


13g (0.029 lbs)



61 reviews for Best Sleep Mask Portable Eye Cover Sleeping Blindfold Men Women

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  1. Aurie

    Delivery about two months. Mask as in the picture, but for me too big. Fastened with velcro fasteners. Would they be bigger, it would be more convenient to adjust the size

  2. Junina

    The mask is free, the nose gets light, the delivery is long 81 days, does not fit particularly to the face, the clasp is long.

  3. Shara

    Before msk free shipping more than a month. For such a price everything is fine.

  4. Jaime

    . Great mask. Although it seems free to be fine to hold all night. Delivery long-more than a month

  5. Daisey

    Great, thank you. It was 2 months. To the touch is very pleasant

  6. Tally

    Good quality product, best for night sleep. Good Rest for the eyes. Slightly cushioned inside. Best comfort

  7. Auberta

    This mask insulates the light well, and the black part is well upholstered, not even in the photo. The mooring is made with elastic and velcro. The piece of velcro could be a little bigger for those with small heads like mine. I can still see a little light in the nasal cavity, but it’s still a good mask.

  8. Abagael

    Delivery is fast, in size only for an adult, there is a smell of glue.

  9. Adria

    The mask was 24 days + 3 weeks lying at the post office. There was no notice. Went today for another parcel and asked about missing parcels received 3 more small parcels from US ask at the post office about small packages. Notice of the parcel may not be. Mask to me in size. A little shines near the nose but it does not interfere with me. Eyes mask does not press.

  10. Adiana

    I paid almost $1 US for this sleep mask but after receiving it I feel like that is a little too much for this product. Could be a little cheaper so wait for the sale to get the best value for money! The product description is accurate and the quality is decent.

  11. Dolora

    Light smell is present. Near the nose passes light. The price corresponds to the content.

  12. Ileane

    It’s been a short time. Near the nose is not very tight, there are cracks and nothing to do with it. But in general, not bad for their money.

  13. Ginger

    Beautiful color and quality seems as good as in description. The arrivo packaging in very good condition. The package arrived very fast.

  14. Ambrosio

    Excellent mask, dense. Comfortable. I take not the first time

  15. Carmelita

    It took a very short time to ukraine. From 22.05.19 to 23.07.19-two months. But here questions, most likely to the post office, not to the Skuvio. Item as in the photo. Everything is fine. The mask is very convenient to use, soft, not translucent. We’ll order more friends. Thank you.

  16. Garvy

    Everything corresponds to the declared. The mask does not fit perfectly, but norms)
    I recommend

  17. Carolyne

    Normal mask. I mean, i got it. The trophies pass through the bow of the nose, ale chorus ce in the usich masked-me insi did not finish bachiti. Delivery 21 days

  18. Brittney

    Compatible with description RECOMMENDED!!!!

  19. Lyndsie

    The order came in 7 weeks. On an elastic band with velcro. For such money can be purchased.

  20. Jules

    Delivery two months. Very soft and pleasant, behind the velcro, it can even blink, does not press on the eyes. A little light still penetrates.

  21. Gabriellia

    Very comfortable and comfortable products, perfectly meet your function. Maybe some light comes in through the nose but adjusting it well corrects.

  22. Gustavo

    The product is as in the description, it arrived without any problem well wrapped, and as in the photo i liked it very much i use it every night, i recommend it.

  23. Alastair

    Soft and pleasant to the touch, velcro with elastic bands.

  24. Charmane

    The goods went a month. Delivery chose paid, track tracked, receipt at the post office. For such a price the quality is very even. But the material is synthetic, not natural.

  25. Darline

    Thin, apparently this is a breathable material, inside the foam rubber. Ribbons elastic bands on velcro.

  26. Isa

    came in about a month to Warsaw Poland. great sleep mask. does the trick.

  27. Daniele

    In minsk district for 28 days. To the touch, soft synthetics. I do not like what slides on my head. All as in the photo. After sleep, write off and tell!

  28. Jerry

    All right, uncle! Duje schvidka delivery and visoka yakishte!

  29. Tadd

    Good 3d sleep mask. Made of polyester, inside the synth. There is a little smell, but i think it will fade. Velcro closure, the mask keeps well. Delivery is fast. I recommend.

  30. Isa

    Let me see. For the price you have you can’t ask much more, but the product is not very good. The eye hole is quite small, and the mask is very large, so something light comes in through the holes, but let’s go that for the price you have obviously you can’t ask for a miracle

  31. Kay

    She’s not blackout, so if you need blackout, it won’t work.

  32. Geoffry

    On top when dressing in the forehead of the nose there is a bend and the light penetrates a little in general everything is fine

  33. Candie

    Delivery to moscow to bulgaria. The product is strange to myris, but it is too much to wear.

  34. Bert

    Delivery 2 months and week. The bandage is a little firm, but you get used to it. Already used, all super

  35. Belva

    My husband’s favorite sleep mask. We order not for the first time. The truth for a very short time was the order-3 months. The mask perfectly protects against light, comfort, adjustable modeling.

  36. Barty

    The order was 1 month 4 days… Thought black ordered, and ordered leopard. Looks like a bra. By smell gives super glue… Maybe my face is with me, but snmza does not fit snugly. It seems not fat, sheki do not bulge

  37. Abdul

    Cool mask. Everyone is happy. No extraneous odors.

  38. Lazaro

    This review for the Sleeping Eye Mask is based on short experience.

    The Eye Mask is made out of a smooth and comfortable material. It has a shape for the eyes and the nose so its comfortable to sleep with and is not tight. The strips have a velcro strap at the end so it gives some adjustment, but not too much.

    So far I’m satisfied with the purchase, it lets really minimal light thought the nose cutout, but that doesn’t bother at night.

    I will give additional feedback after using it for a week’s or so.

  39. Valentine

    It came in 2 and a half months, on the way were not tracked. The quality is not very through the nose passes light

  40. Dwain

    The product is very good, beautiful but I waited for months 6 TL to the product I paid 11,50 TL tax. I waited too long, but the tax is too much. Now Skuvio is over in Turkey. Think again when you get it.

  41. Larina

    The mask is comfortable, but a little from below shines from under the nose

  42. Leonardo

    One mask came good (black), and the other with marriage (see photo). Walked by my standards of time for a short time. Opened a dispute (for details see photo). The money was returned. Masks are not very comfortable, although similar ordered earlier from another Skuvio, they are super. The impression of the Skuvio remained normal.

  43. Yacov

    Normal mask, but i liked the other one more in the star

  44. Mirella

    The goods went 43 days to moscow, the goods match, a little shines from below

  45. Webb

    The fastener behind on the elastic band, on my head is too big, it is necessary to shorten. In general, not bad, but it looks very cheap

  46. Edmond

    This is the cutest and cutest sleep mask of all who ordered. And bought on ali a lot (in the last photo showed a part of sleepy accessories). The quality is neat. The elastic band holds normally, does not press. There are velcro, but they are not important, because they are short, and this is not a minus, they will not be superfluous. The protrusions for the eyes are comfortable, blink does not interfere. To the touch synthetics. Inside the foam rubber. The mask is soft, but the shape holds well. By weight light as fluff. In the area of the nose, and in general around, there are no cracks. Fits snugly-the light does not leak. In a word, sleeping is comfortable and comfortable. Take it will not regret. In the photo showed it from all sides, plus if you like to sleep in silence or neighbors interfere, etc. p-bought good earplugs № 3, the sound is muffled at 50%, i recommend, i took here-ali. pub */3utgl7 (in the link delete *) there is my great feedback about them. I hope i could help you with something useful, good shopping for you! The Skuvio is decent, the shipment was fast, delivery as usual on ali for inexpensive goods.

  47. Karsten

    Great. On the eyes does not press, there is a notch for the nose. Purple color is much lighter than in the photo.

  48. Vail

    The fact that the boring fabric, dense, elastic is regulated by velcro. Recommend!!!

  49. Cornela

    Product compatible with description, well protects light, only bottom flour failed me the match so to have total blackout, is approx 2mm slit.

  50. Ambrosia

    Sending fast. Before St. Petersburg there was an order about a month. In Russia was not tracked. Quality standards. A little still light comes through, but not much

  51. Felita

    Drunk Chinese sent some shit for the legs, instead of a mask

  52. Rodney

    Ordered a second time, delivery is long

  53. Giovanni

    The mask is good, the material is dense, but the nose is not tight, which upsets, but in general you can use it, thank you!) in the Irkutsk region came in 25 days. Well, I thought they ‘d be smaller.

  54. Fancy

    The mask is not comfortable, behind the elastic band Velcro, which pulls the hair, when you wear no density where the spout and see the light, Yes looks like a bra-top.

  55. Dominick

    The order came in 1.5 months to Omsk. I’m very happy. The mask is beautiful, odorless, the cost of 58 rubles. I want to order in a different color. I recommend the Skuvio and his product. Thank you very much.

  56. Marita

    It’s okay. From US came faster than in Ukraine to Odessa went. I thought I would not get at all

  57. Betti

    The goods correspond to the description, delivery to the Rostov region 1 month

  58. Axel

    A good mask for sleep, soft enough. I recommend

  59. Augustine

    Everything is fine, but in reality it looks a little different.

  60. Kessia

    Gorgeous mask! I advise! Nowhere presses, light. Behind the Velcro fastener, you can slightly adjust the volume. The seams are neat, there is no smell. The goods are satisfied. I recommend.

  61. Nadeen

    Great mask! Dense, light does not miss. Back adjustable clasp 🙂 delivery a couple of months to Kazan.

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