Handheld Electric Computer Vacuum Cleaner Air Blower Dust Collector

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Handheld Electric Computer Vacuum Cleaner Air Blower Dust Collector

$109.97 $69.97
You Save $40.00

Handheld Electric Computer Vacuum Cleaner Air Blower Dust Collector

Does a tiny corner or all kinds of small debris make it hard for you to clean?

Is it hard for you to clean those dirty hard to reach areas?

Then maybe you need our Handheld Electric Computer Vacuum Cleaner Air Blower Dust Collector!

This computer vacuum cleaner is designed for achieving effective cleaning. It can collect tiny dust and bacterial debris hidden in corners to create a clean living environment. Our electric blower – PC cleaner is designed to use for cleaning the computer keyboard effectively. A great computer cleaner may not seem like much, but in reality, it’s very useful especially when you are working in an office. This dust cleaner still has sufficient suction power and can easily pick up dirt, crumbs and other small objects with less effort. If some small dust particles are harder to pick up, you can always count on this dust collector.

Our air blower has a removable and washable filter with a built-in dust bag. This laptop dust cleaner can provide quick and easy cleaning experience for small stuff on the computer, keyboard, telephone, printer, camera equipment, makeup bags and many more. Our computer vacuum cleaner has enough power to suck small things like cigarette ash, dust, hair, food-crumbs, eraser residue, and a small screw. Very convenient right? This PC cleaner is a great gift to all person who works with a computer or laptop every day and to those people who always want a clean working environment.

You no longer need to worry about cleaning your computer, enjoy the comfort of using a clean one using our Handheld Electric Computer Vacuum Cleaner Air Blower Dust Collector!

Air Blowing and Suction – You can quickly switch between the two modes to make dedusting easier
ABS Turbine Fan Blade – It has good toughness and strong wind, the motor can effectively dissipate heat with a gap between the air duct and the motor.
Balancing Mechanical Handle – Important parts such as motors and batteries are designed under the handle to achieve mechanical balance with the cyclone filter system at the front end, comfortable for operating. You can easily control the motor speed and adjust the air output as needed
Protective Net – It can prevent impurities from entering and effectively protect the impeller from damage, thus improving the service life

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Package Includes: 1x Handheld Electric Computer Vacuum Cleaner Air Blower Dust Collector


Air Blowing and Suction, ABS Turbine Fan Blade, Balancing Mechanical Handle, Protective Net

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61 reviews for Handheld Electric Computer Vacuum Cleaner Air Blower Dust Collector

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  1. Zacharie

    Before khabarovsk for 18 days, sdek parcel was marked nobly. And so everything works, blows well, took for el products. Equipment-shield, and the current does not)

  2. Joella

    The perm region has reached quite quickly, weeks for 2, the packaging is crumpled, but the goods have not suffered, there is 1 minus the plastic is bad can break, and so blows perfectly, at least for now.

  3. Frans

    Yes, the chinese are good. Made simple and works perfectly. I would not have been cheaper to do anything)

  4. Kesley

    The parcel came pretty quickly. The Skuvio perfectly packed everything.

  5. Prescott

    Brought the courier from iml, the thing standing comp blows out with a bang, copes with things and more assistant. very satisfied.

  6. Mayor

    Very powerful)!

  7. Dory

    A cool thing, blows so that blows small objects from the place. If you use for blowing video cards, the most it! i recommend! By the way, the package arrived in a week. The courier pre-rang and brought to the door!

  8. Clarine

    Delivery to the door, in appearance quite well done, in fact i tried very pleased! (dust from the system and power supplies flies just a beast) in general is very satisfied, i recommend!

  9. Clair

    Everything came quickly enough, the box is wrinkled, but not critical. Of the minuses-the tube is tight (on the blow in general barely barely), the lock button is jammed, well, the tube itself is slightly wrinkled

  10. Margot

    In general, the order came. I bought just for cleaning the pc. Works, but in fact did not check. The other day i will clean the computer and add a tip.

  11. Amery

    Received the parcel exactly in a month. The zowodskaya box is not much crumbling, but not what is not

  12. Roselle

    Great thing, blow out be healthy

  13. Carmina

    Delivery is fast, the Skuvio is wonderful and very responsive!!! Exactly what i wanted and expected!!! Bravo!!!

  14. Paul

    Tavarom is happy, delivery to the door, spent blowing well to take the system to blow, then to fill the feedback

  15. Eugenia

    The goods arrived pretty quickly by cdek. The box was crumpled as well as the rubber tip. Everything works. For cleaning the computer the most it. Seller recommend.

  16. Hermy

    Excellent build quality! Hurricane! Will not leave a single chance of dust that settled in the body of your equipment. Adjusting the power of the air flow would not be superfluous.

  17. Krystyna

    all fine, as described. arrived fast, box is slightly wrinkled, device is intact. blows like a devil. 🙂 recommended Skuvio. thank you.

  18. Paulie

    Powerful thing, noise like a real vacuum cleaner. On blowing the flow is strong, the suction is weaker. Convenient handle, power cable slightly more than 2 meters. Packing is not important, the box is all crumpled, like a tube. It is better to pack in air mattress, although the plastic itself is durable. Instruction in english. Delivery-3 weeks.

  19. Herve

    Delivered by courier. The device works perfectly: the system unit, five years standing on the floor, finally cleaned to shine!

  20. Willie

    Delivery is fast enough. A little rushed nozzle during transportation. The air pressure is very powerful. To clean computers from dust the necessary thing. Product and Skuvio recommend

  21. Boniface

    2 weeks. Blowing well. At the start of 470 and then 390 watts. From this conclusion that it is 500 watts maximum

  22. Maurice

    The blower went 20 days to tyumen. The Skuvio did not write anything, because there were no questions. Bought for 1 260,10 rubles. Blowing well. The cat from the flow of air runs instantly.
    Delivery was courier, sdek. But from delivery to the door refused, because once was. And the courier took to the office, the good he (office) was near the house. Issued without problems.
    In general, the goods are satisfied. How much more expensive-cheaper it turned out-i can not say, nothing to compare.
    By the way, it and as a vacuum cleaner can be used. In the kit there is a bag. It turns out a vacuum cleaner without filters.
    A box of soft cardboard, a little puffy. The box, of course, crumpled, especially in one corner, even torn (throw, however), but the product itself is whole and the worker arrived. The nozzle, however, is also a little wrinkled, but for operation does not interfere. But in general, i’m happy, there is something to clean the system unit.

  23. Herb

    Good working device, delivery 3 days

  24. Clarabelle

    Thanks to the Skuvio vetradov came quickly! the product works, it is desirable to blow out on the street computer as the dust rose not a little for a month at me))!! it does not blow out much and is not weakly something medium is a plus for the computer. how long will it work i do not know, Time will show. the courier demanded a passport and serial number of the passport. with the Skuvio i did not communicate and did not why it was so i put 3 well as that. there is a video but you can not debug.

  25. Sukey

    Think more very noisy.

  26. Karissa

    A great tool for cleaning dust from household electrical appliances. The air flow is sufficient for blowing from dust. Ideal for cleaning computer equipment. The power cord is long enough. The noise of the running cleaner is the same as from the vacuum cleaner. I recommend the Skuvio and the product.

  27. Yance

    Delivery to the apartment in 2 days. Blows zbs, but stinks wildly. Perfect for cleaning the computer.

  28. Leon

    Blowing and blowing powerful. The producer sent quickly. But shipping cdek works worse than mail

  29. Zahara

    The box was heavily wrinkled, one plastic leg was deformed, but the compressor remained workable. Blows strongly, although very compact in size. Therefore, 5 stars. The fault of the delivery services in the damaged appearance is obvious, so i did not open a dispute.

  30. Valera

    Delivery 3 days, working norms, for home and computers excellent

  31. Dot

    Works. Everything OK תודהה

  32. Carmine

    Everything is fine. the order before pyatigorsk came in 7 days. the product checked on all modes, everything works very well. the blower is made neatly, its money is definitely worth it. the Skuvio thanks. i recommend.

  33. Grace

    Fast shipping! The courier brought home! Quality Goods + + + + + +

  34. Jenna

    Got it. The parcel was stomped by the postal elephant, but the contents miraculously survived. The blower blows powerfully, the most to clean hard-to-reach places from dust. Consumes about 400 watts.

  35. Rand

    Works. Blowing quite a powerful jet. As a vacuum cleaner is ineffective. For blowing equipment is suitable. Delivery to kiev took one month.

  36. Daryn

    Ordered air 09.08, came to karaganda 12.09. But with the delivery there were problems due to mail to US-139 exchange. The parcel was without a track, but no track-do not give the parcel. Contacted the Skuvio, he gave me the phone of the company that delivered the parcel to kazakhstan, and their parcel manager assigned a new track. From the second attempt took 20.09. The box was often football, but nothing went wrong inside.
    The quality of the air is excellent, no scratches and scratches, a strong factory assembly without cracks and a reliable cable, although without grounding. Inside is a thin sheet of puffy around the package with body, bag, nozzle and manual only in english.
    After inclusion for verification blows brutally, i do not understand those who lack 600 watts.

  37. Oren

    Everything is fine. The parcel came in time, courier delivery to the house. The goods are quality, blowing on excellent! Схож with a volume vacuum cleaner)

  38. Pincas

    The parcel came crumpled but it’s good that everything is left inside! Blowing like a hurricane! Fast shipping recommend

  39. Neel

    Excellent blowing, the wire is very long, it would be more convenient with the battery. Blows very very much, blows out of the computer with a bang all

  40. Ardra

    Delivery by courier 10 days from a warehouse in russia, ordered at the request of her husband, he is delighted, dad also liked it. Blowing this thing be healthy, very powerful, made qualitatively, the plastic is good. The plug is normal, it fits to our sockets.

  41. Atalanta

    The parcel was received, delivery by courier to the door in 4 days. Everything is fine, it works, only the hose when delivered a little wrinkled.

  42. Barton

    Ordered 19.09 received 24.09 by courier, very fast delivery. Everything corresponds to the description and works. I recommend. many thanks to the store! 5 +

  43. Dabney

    Came crumpled, the tube is generally strong, but everything is whole. Works, expected that it will be more powerful, but for the house norms. Noisy nasty, muffled

  44. Valma

    Great. The cord is long. Izi did not even expect to work…

  45. Celene

    I did not expect to cope.

  46. Vonny

    Excellent blowing for the system

  47. Pierce

    Came quickly, received without problem, blowing powerfully, elephant postal pototoptal but not much to everyone i advise

  48. Marietta

    Good device for blowing equipment and ignition of barbecue

  49. Fionnula

    It came in two weeks from Moscow. All as in the description. Seller recommend.

  50. Andree

    I bought a PC for cleaning in return to the Soviet vacuum cleaner. The order came quickly, the cardboard box has intact and damaged. At the same time, the cleaner itself is whole, without scratches. In the honeycomb everything works, it blows normally. I like it.

  51. Moshe

    Very good

  52. Winford

    Great old wind!
    I did not expect such power from a small device.

  53. Brier

    Blows perfectly, blew off the table a small set of screwdrivers) on the feeling of a flimsy device, I do not know for a short time whether enough

  54. Mag

    Purchase is satisfied! I took it for the purpose of cleaning the PC and copes well with its task. The air flow is powerful enough. I blew the PC, I went through with a napkin and voila clean computer.

  55. Cecil

    Blowing fine. Delivery 20 days 3 days from which the courier could not reach me, took from the office himself.

  56. Srinivas

    Cool thing, very powerful, blowing dust from the computer for once two. Before that, I used balconies with compressed air, it was very expensive. In general, I am very pleased!

  57. Shelley

    Great thing, computers, game consoles and common corridors clean Great)

  58. Ericka

    Great, they brought home.

  59. Frieda

    The order came very quickly, only 5 days. Thanks to the Skuvio, I recommend!

  60. Brian

    Cool thing! I strongly advise! For blowing computers is perfect! Delivery is very fast, and the courier brought to work! Beauty!

  61. Hewe

    A good compressor, in the hands to hold comfortably, is executed quite qualitatively. Delivery to door

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