Stainless Steel Digital Caliper Micrometer Ruler Measuring Tool

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ruler caliper micrometer digital caliper vernier calipper measuring tools digital micrometer measuring calipers measuring stick accurate ruler measuring instruments
Stainless Steel Digital Caliper Micrometer Ruler Measuring Tool

$92.97 $52.97
You Save $40.00

Stainless Steel Digital Caliper Micrometer Ruler Measuring Tool

Are you afraid to have a measurement mistake?

Do you want an innovative and modern tool that gives error-free measurements?

Now you can have the most useful tool for any small engineering operation with our Stainless Steel Digital Caliper Micrometer Ruler Measuring Tool!

This digital caliper measures interior and exterior width, depth, and step in decimal inches and millimeters on a large LCD display. Whether the application is for everyday use on the job or on occasion you will be satisfied with this digital micrometer. The accurate ruler features extra-large easy to read digital LCD screen that is simple to use and easy enough to read as the most important parts for data readings have been labeled and has a strong stainless steel frame for rugged durability that withstands abuse.

The earlier versions of measuring calipers were not digital and thus had to be read by looking carefully at the imperial or metric scale which required very good eyesight in order to read the numbers correctly on the small sliding scale. Being an incredibly useful measuring stick, no laboratory or medical office should be without this digital caliper. If you were to pick a perfect addition to your measuring tools or measuring instruments, then this is it as it is quick and versatile.

Given its superior accuracy, digital calipers are far easier to use than its analog predecessor. By going through this method of zeroing out the caliper, you ensure that you will get an accurate measurement each time. You will be able to measure in either inches or millimeters at just the touch of a button of this vernier caliper!

So enjoy accurate measurements and get our Stainless Steel Digital Caliper Micrometer Ruler Measuring Tool!

Accurate Measuring Tool – A zeroing function recalibrates the vernier caliper at any point to attain further accuracy. The automatic power on/off function shuts down the LCD after 20 minutes of inactivity, but the scale origin is unaffected. Power is restored to the display when the slider is moved. Stepped features can be measured.
Handy And Advantageous – Whether involved in a home project, making changes to a vehicle, or professional mechanical engineer, there are some jobs that require very precise measurements to be taken. Mistakes with these measurements can lead to parts not fitting correctly, not moving correctly, or even the finished project being dangerous. The digital micrometer is the best way to achieve precision.
Four Spot On Gauges – Internal, external, step and depth dimensions can be accurately measured in real-time with this accurate ruler instead of guesstimating or eyeballing.
Top Premium Quality – Made of strong material, lightweight and durable. These measuring tools can be used in workshop conditions exposed to coolant, water, dust or oil.
Easy To Use – There are 3 buttons on this digital micrometer. One is on/off, one is mm/inch switch, the last is back to zero. You can slide the measuring stick anywhere and reset it to zero by zero button. The electronic micrometer caliper has a large screen with good visibility to read the result.
Wide Usage – Ideal measuring instruments for a broad range of industrial and automotive applications. Home DIY and professional use are both highly recommended!

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Package Includes: 1x Stainless Steel Digital Caliper Micrometer Ruler Measuring Tool


Accurate Measuring Tool, Handy And Advantageous, Four Spot On Gauges, Top Premium Quality, Easy To Use, Wide Usage

Measurement Range

0-150mm (0-5.91")


Stainless Steel



61 reviews for Stainless Steel Digital Caliper Micrometer Ruler Measuring Tool

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  1. Hettie

    The description corresponds completely. Sent quickly. Delivered very quickly. Since the order to ukraine 2 weeks. A new mail for a week warned and offered to choose the right office. Everything works. The measurement is accurate enough. For this money-a great tool. Spare battery is present. The Skuvio many thanks and success in business. I recommend.

  2. Nevil

    Received from the moment of order to receive it was 20 days, delivery by courier. Unfriendly, battery included, quality is good.

  3. Madel

    The quality is excellent, i hope it will last a short time. Includes 2 batteries. Instruction in english. Comfortable. It measures exactly. Later i’ll give in metrology to check more accurately. For home super tool. Came to the krasnodar territory somewhere for a month.

  4. Lorain

    Very high quality bar, without defects, no gaps, the body is metal, magnetized, the numbers are large, which is very convenient. The Skuvio sent a “charged” with a battery and 1 battery in stock. Who writes that the screen is scratched, guys, remove the protective film! The case is simple, but very strong. For its price is a very accurate tool, checked on coins-the readings are quite accurate. Thank you to the Skuvio. Sent immediately, the track was tracked. Delivery is very fast, in ukraine-new mail, reached for 7! Days. This is a record for the speed of delivery. Happy with this purchase for 100%! In general, i recommend. 5 +

  5. Sharl

    Yesterday came, the norms are not scratched batteries are not included that is bad

  6. Benn

    In krasnoyarsk came in 4 weeks. Track tracked. Came from finland. Package in the package with a doll, without damage. Although it was written when ordering that the batteries are not included, and the Skuvio put a couple in the case!!))) nice!!!)) thank you very much!! The quality of the device is also very good, it is felt that of metal!! Seller recommend!!

  7. Jordy

    All as in the description. Metal. Battery not included! Shipping 3 weeks

  8. Katusha

    The parcel came in 22 days to the rostov region all works. There is a small gap on the edge of the bar.

  9. Amber

    It works well. now i have to compromise it with a non-digital king’s foot if it measures the same.
    Moment i tried it by measuring a round pencil and at the tip it gives a measure, at the center another, and at the end of the sword of rei’s foot another measure. i ‘d get about 6 or 7 centesi plus the measurement. i thought it would be more accurate. But if i confirm the cpn measurements the non-digital rei foot in decimas estare satifecho. i’ll eat it later. she’s come up with a tip of looking inside out for the better.

  10. Frankie

    Fast delivery, 2 batteries put, metal like a solid, but movable part flimsy for 500r normal, in the store the same 1500r

  11. Roxanna

    For 560r will go… Packing 0… Zhadina narrow …. But i wrote… Save every cent… At 4 points for this)

  12. Salvatore

    Everything corresponds to the description, the Skuvio put 2 batteries. Checked-works!

  13. Jania

    Good afternoon! Delivered to tyumen for 3 weeks. The quality is excellent, very pleased, thank you!

  14. Neel

    I did not check for accuracy, it looks good, the scale is slightly shifted to the left.

  15. Cariotta

    Delivery is fast. Brought to the house and handed, the company sdek. At first sight, everything is fine, everything works. Measurements can now be done even without glasses. Thanks to the manufacturer and Skuvio!

  16. Almeta

    To moscow 21 days. Came in an envelope with a puffy. The quality is very good, i did not find jambs. For home use will go. Includes 2 batteries. I recommend!

  17. Vernon

    Came quickly. Made for 4. works, measures. Does not reset to zero. You have to get the battery. In general, it will go. The case of norms, does not fall apart. If for pro. Use, i would take matrix, all the same, but made better, i use for a short time, everything is stably plowing. This one took to order. Later i will add a review.

  18. Sherman

    Excellent goods, fast delivery by sdek personally in hand. For household needs, what you need. I recommend.

  19. Toinette

    It came, the whole, there is no battery included, a little upset, the performance of the device did not check, again because of the battery

  20. Desirae

    The parcel came in three weeks. Packed so yourself in a normal paper bag with a pup. The package was not badly damaged, but the contents survived. I liked the tsyrkul bar, the weight is felt metal, not some alloy. Only the meter itself, plastic. How much i will check it later when i find a suitable battery.

  21. Portia

    Ordinary bar for normal price. 0,002mm error. There was a package for a month in peter. With the Skuvio did not communicate.

  22. Sullivan

    The goods came to moscow for 3 weeks. Packing is excellent all intact., Bought in the case.
    You can not check no batteries and this is a big minus ((did not look at once, now hemorrhoids look for the right ..

  23. Sly

    Sent in about 20 days, everything is intact. The cover of the display is plastic, the rest is metal. the case is not bad. Batteries are not included, i can not check until i go to the store. In general, everything is fine, i will insert the battery-i will unsubscribe.

  24. Stephannie

    Good product.. arrived early than expected! The same in advertisement. Highly recommended!

  25. Lothar

    Hello friends! This goods are of good quality materials and fully comply with the description. Very useful and right product! Good packing, delivery month.
    I recommend this product and Skuvio!
    All the world friends!

  26. Merline

    All excellent delivery for 22 days everything works Skuvio recommend

  27. Charlott

    To st. petersburg the parcel reached in 27 days. The product corresponds to the description. Plastic ledge closes the scale, it is necessary to modify a little.

  28. Melesa

    The goods came quickly, no more than 3 weeks before minsk. The quality of the metal seems to be good. Module with a plastic screen, i do not know how much it will last. Use conveniently. Of the minuses, the fact that there are no batteries and a pencil case of poor quality, the hinges will not last long.

  29. Tam

    Description corresponds, purchase is satisfied, i recommend the Skuvio, everything came quickly enough

  30. Geri

    Came the parcel in time even 2 batteries pollyli like all the norms for accuracy did not check later tracking does not please you can and better organize everything and so the Skuvio responsible so keep

  31. Annabella

    Before the Urals (Sverdlovsk Region. Severouralsk) the order was 20 days, great! In Russia. the parcel wanders longer. The order corresponds to the picture, came in a yellow doll, a box though hlupunkaya, but whole, specially wrote in a case because. The tool should lie accordingly, especially since electronic. I bought for 833 rubles. It is this Skuvio because. The rating of this store is at a high level, and this is not a little important. The case gets a little hit, and it does not matter until this tool measured-there is no battery, and for garage works-that’s it. The track was tracked, and the producer of course recommend, the order was sent immediately.

  32. Zach

    Checked with calibres of 46,5mm, 70mm, 75mm, all beats on targets, accuracy at height. Checked the micrometer for accuracy of measurement of internal dimensions, disappointed, will come to give to the metrological area to complement.

  33. Cathrine

    The goods went to Krasnoyarsk for about a month. Normal Colombian, bought a battery, everything works. Accuracy has not yet checked. thanks to the Skuvio.

  34. Verene

    Order received. Delivery a little more than a month. Came a whole, without damage, which can not but please. Packed only in postal package with Seal. Corresponds to the description. The quality is excellent. Everything works. No batteries included. To check removed from the plastic rod, which was actively used. Battery lr44. Took for 650 rubles. Check accuracy no possibility

  35. Tadd

    A little long shipping. The tool is super, (in this price category)! Case of excellent quality, batteries are not included. Recommend Skuvio and product!

  36. Melvin

    Without battery. The battery lid is flimsy. Otherwise everything is fine.

  37. Elayne

    Performance is good, there are no backlash and gaps. The readings are accurate, the error is 0, 01. the batteries are not included. Recommended.

  38. Matthew

    Delivery is long 41 days. the Touvre came well packed in the box. The accuracy is almost perfect with a small error, but overall I was satisfied. the Skuvio 5 Stars + photos.

  39. Carol-Jean

    The product of high quality measurement have been carried out on the drill and adjusting valve washers accuracy striking in the photo seen to the Skuvio thanks the parcel sent quickly and the Mail worked promptly from the order until the receipt of 23 days of the Skuvio recommend!

  40. Zita

    The product corresponds to the description. Arrived in days 25. In Russia, the Courier sdek delivered to the entrance.

  41. Fyodor

    The tool is good. Batteries and case included. Sdek delivered to the door. Took for the garage and carpentry. The order was for 660 rubles.

  42. Thayne

    Everything is fine, delivery to the apartment, in the kit there were two batteries, quite accurate.

  43. Kyla

    Very long sent the Skuvio the goods (more than a week). But it came on time. Delivery by courier to the door. It seems that the device does not lie. No backlash. The Skuvio put 2 batteries, thank you for that. Recommend shop

  44. Silvie

    The parcel to Volgograd was 25 days. Delivered by courier sdek to the apartment! Good yellow packaging. The rod-compass in the case, the case is davolno durable and high-quality. The Skuvio put two batteries at my request, for this thank you!!! The caliper is made qualitatively, the sponges fit tightly, there are no burrs anywhere, the numbers are stitched well and clearly, the display is covered with film. Measurement accuracy 0,01. Checked in metrology. The digital measurements match the mechanical 1:1. By passing the movement of the sponges turns on automatically, when the sponges are closed, it is reset to zero and turned off. Zero works, reset to zero from any position. Quality is satisfied! For fast delivery and quality product to the Skuvio of 5 stars. Recommend!!!

  45. Deanna

    Fast shipping. Accuracy sufficient for home work. The battery is included, the Skuvio put even with a margin.

  46. JoAnn

    As always for a very short time, the product is packed in a plastic box and Bubble Bag. looks solid, heavy. i will check in the work when I buy a battery. with the Skuvio did not communicate.

  47. Neron

    Came without battery. Battery AG-13. For home use is quite suitable.

  48. Phillipp

    I bought at a hell of a price for 666 rubles. Delivery 26 days. Packing norms. The case and the bar are whole. Batteries included were not. Put it, everything works.

  49. Delbert

    Hi all goods received all good work with metal case all great thanks Skuvio boldly order the goods quality even super quality all good luck

  50. Edouard

    Good quality, fast delivery, reasonable price. Thanks to the Skuvio.

  51. Dyanne

    Well, the repeatability of measurements is normal. At work I will compare with a precision rod. Tugovat move, but at the same time a little lyuftit movable frame.

  52. Hobart

    Excellent quality, to the touch is made very soundly. Batteries were not included, but they were not claimed, there are no complaints. Accuracy is good, benchmarks are checked and the results are checked with the usual Soviet caliper, you can believe. Thanks to the Skuvio. Delivery 2 weeks to Vladivostok, packed normally, reached in any case whole, the track was tracked in the app post of Russia

  53. Kiele

    Great tool. Measures accurately. Comfortable. Made qualitatively.

  54. Mose

    Very quickly came chic quality and accuracy recommend.

  55. Jennine

    Fast Delivery in carrier hand very good

    Product recommend Skuvio Thank you.

  56. Shane

    The caliper came quickly quite, without battery, working. The readings are quite accurate.

  57. Meriel

    To Zaporozhye reached in 44 days as long as
    Normal for 20 days comes but otherwise everything is fine
    Barbell measures exactly iron, box only plastic
    Very bad stinks strongly and poorly closes.
    This is not critical, without a battery to distress.

  58. Neale

    For this price in everyday life itself. I recommend.

  59. Harmonia

    Everything is perfect, I arrive in a very prudent time even though I had missed the follow-up route and not it matched information, salesman told me that everything was in narmal process and that I only expected it in calm and so it was. E-mails delivered it to me at my place when I least expected it. Thank you very much

  60. Kariotta

    Good quality, without battery

  61. Brody

    Very good product

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